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Pipecleaners Top Chimney Maintenance is your ideal choice for a professional chimney repair & cleaning company. We proudly serve our clients in Sebastopol, CA, and here is why giving us a call is something you should strongly take into consideration.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

We are one of the most sought-after chimney cleaning companies in the area because of our many years of experience. This is due to our dedication to doing our job well and our love for what we do. We continuously improve our tools and broaden our knowledge. This increases the effectiveness of our operations.

If your chimney needs to be swept, schedule a time. Our offerings will serve as an example of modern chimney sweep abilities. We will completely and successfully remove creosote accumulation. As a result of our intervention, your chimney will “breathe” better and your property will be safer. Do not hesitate to choose us for expert chimney cleaning and other services since we can do so with the least amount of mess, thanks to our professional work methods and tools!

Are you looking for a professional chimney repair & cleaning company in Sebastopol, CA? Pipecleaners Top Chimney Maintenance is the one you should call. Pick up the phone and give us a call at (707) 573-3953 today!

Services List

  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Chimney Repair
  • Wood Stove Installation
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